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PLANe ANalyzer for Android

2.18 usd

This application automatically records a scene of golf swing by detecting the impact sound.It is very convenient to check your swing form since you can just save the scenes right before and after the impact.You can also check your swing form by playing two scenes simultaneously.*Auto recordingA 60 frames of 2-second video clip around the impact scene is saved by detecting the impact sound.Only the scene of the swing is saved, so you can check your swing immediately after the shot.You don't have to be careful of the camera shake because pressing the shutter button is not needed when starting recording.If using in a place where detecting the impact sound is difficult, you can also start recording manually
*Guiding linesBy dragging the screen, you can add lines to a video, which helps you to check your form. The lines are saved with the video.
*Location mappingThe map of the location where the video was recorded is available for each swing.Easy to find the swing of which golf course or the hole you recorded.
*Form comparisonCompare your swings by playing back two swings simultaneously.For example, pick the swing of your best shot and another one to find out the difference.
*Exporting imagesYou can export the still images of your swing sequence and save to the Gallery.Exported images can be handled on the computer and also used to share with your friends through a sharing Web site.